So, what is street casting?

Street casting is the method of finding talent "on the street".  This can literally mean you are scouted out & about, or perhaps using social media, such as Facebook or Instagram

Why have I been scouted?

You are obviously fabulous! And we feel we could use you in one of our campaigns.

What if I have an agent?

That's no problem - please provide your agency details and we will liaise directly with them. Some jobs dictate talent can NOT have an agent or already be involved in the industry (for example Dove) in which case we would not be able to use you for their campaigns. But you can be kept on file for future opportunities. 

What happens when I fill out the form?

Your details are sent to us using a secure server. We receive your application here at casting headquarters  and you will be processed by one of the lovely team. Your details are kept secure and will never be sold or shared with any third parties. 

What if I change my mind?

Just get in touch with us. We are happy to delete or amend your details held on file, as per your rights under the data protection act.

What happens if I am shortlisted?

We will get in touch, to take the process to the next level.  You may be asked to send additional photos, or a selfie video.  

What do I do in the selfie video? 

Just be yourself!  Introduce yourself, tell us a bit about what you do, where you live, what you do for fun - we are just trying to get a feel for your personality.  Please shoot the video in natural lighting and avoid using really heavy make up or filters - we want to see the real you.

I've been invited into a live casting - I don't know what to expect

Aaah, don't worry - we are all very nice!  It's quite a simple process.  You will be invited into a casting studio, so we can meet you in person.  We will take some lovely casting photographs and then have a quick chat on camera.  It's not an interview - so no need to be nervous.  It's more of an informal chat - a gossip even! 

Where does the casting footage go?

It is only shared with clients, Photographers or Director's - via a secure website with a password. This is so they can view the casting and make their final decisions.  It will never be shown to the public in any capacity.

What happens if I am booked for a job?

Congratulations if you get confirmed - take a bow!  We will ask you to keep certain dates free, which may be required for the shoot, rehearsals or prep days. We may also undertake some simple background checks, just to make sure there is no conflict of interests.  This usually involves searching social media and perhaps asking a few more questions.  We may also need a copy of your passport, especially if there will be travel involved.

You mentioned travel - will I have to pay?

Not at all. If you are booked for a job and the travel is any more than "basic commuting", the client will cover all costs.  Flights, hotels and per diems are all payable.

And what about the shoot? Will I be paid for that?

Absolutely - you will be fully paid to participate.  This can either be an "all-in" fee which includes your shoot day and buyout, or sometimes it is separate.

What's a buyout?

A buyout is the amount you receive when a campaign airs - and is dependent on how long the campaign will air and the regions it is shown in.

Will I have to sign a contract?

You are usually asked to sign a contract or a release form - entitling the client to use your images.   Please always ensure you are happy with the contract before agreeing to take part.  We can provide copies at selection stage.

Can I tell all my friends and shout it from the rooftops?

We politely ask that you keep all information regarding the casting and shoot confidential until the advert airs.  Please do not share comments or photos on social media regarding the campaigns, until granted permission to do so.  Sometimes adverts take a long time to air - we know you want to tell everyone, but please be patient.

What if I am not chosen for this campaign?

Fear not - sometimes it can take a few attempts to secure an advert!  We will keep your details on file and contact you for any other suitable campaigns.  If you prefer to be taken out of our library, just let us know.

Do I have to pay to stay in your library?

No way!  We are not an agency, so do not charge any fees whatsoever to talent held on our database.  We are paid by the clients we work for - and would never take money from our lovely talent.  Although you can send us cupcakes if you like :-)