We are currently looking for talent that can demonstrate emotion! Perhaps you are a big football fan? Or love another sport? Maybe you are obsessed with a certain musician? Or love to watch Shakespeare? Whatever it is that makes you feel real emotion, we would like to see it!

This campaign is to promote the women’s World Cup 2019 and we are looking to cast a large group of people, so if you have friends, family or colleagues that might also be interested, please pass the details on. Ages 16-70yrs. All ethnicities, looks, types of people. A cross section of the world. Equal split Male/Female.

If you are interested in applying, please click the button below to apply, either from your phone, tablet or computer. You will need to upload 3 selfies, which show subtle emotions. So please either shoot these first, or flip your camera and shoot as you go.

There is a possibility we may need to meet you at a live casting in London on 1st April (this only takes 20 minutes max). Shoot dates are either Sunday 7th, Monday 8th or Tuesday 9th April. It will be just one of those days, but please allow all day to shoot.

We are also looking to cast some children (aged 6yrs - 12yrs) so if you have kids, please include one photo of them on your application form, there will be space to add their details.

If chosen to appear, the campaign will run for 3 months - Global - and you will be paid £800 per person.

The brand is a well-known sportswear company. We can reveal the brand if you are shortlisted.

If you have any issues accessing the form via the button below, the direct link to the casting form is:

We look forward to receiving your application.