We are currently casting a photographic campaign for a leading tech brand and are looking for a variety of people that can represent a cross-section of Londoners!

Age range 20’s - 70’s. All ethnicities and types welcome.

The idea of the campaign is to highlight East, West, North & South London, featuring people and settings that Londoners can connect with and feel inspired by. This is a campaign about celebrating local communities, so we would like all talent to have an authentic London feel to them.  We are casting inclusively across all ethnicities & types and actively encourage submissions from people with disabilities or conditions which historically may not have been featured in advertising. This needs to feel like a real cross section of London society. 



- mix between female/male

- Should also portrait our target group (25-35, driven, creative, bosses in the making, trend focused) plus a diversity of age/gender/ethnicities (20s-60’s)

- Talent should feel as authentic as possible 


- might change to 5 a side pitch

- female/male, from all ages, should feel as authentic as possible and not too high performance, more like a casual afternoon play. You don’ t need to play at a high level, but you should be fit enough to enjoy playing basketball or football with friends

Store owner 

- We would like female and not only male store owners

- Age for Store Owners, up to 50s

Car washers

- We will see them in a group, washing cars on a car lot, so must have some degree of physical fitness

Areas for shoot:

Hackney, Islington & Camden, LONDON

You will be shot on the streets of London and the idea is we capture the amazingly diverse look and feel that is London today!

If you are interested, please apply using the button below - it only takes 5 minutes to apply.

Shoot dates, if selected, are either Friday 19th or Saturday 20th October in London. Fee for chosen talent - £1500 each.